Alpaca Scarves

These hand-woven alpaca scarves are made entirely with undyed and hand spun alpaca yarn. Each scarf holds it own unique nuances of life and texture, born through many layers of loving and attentive work. The spinning of the yarn, drafting of patterns, weaving of the fabric, and tying of the ends, all come together to create a scarf that is rich with the intricacies of simple handwork.  I source my fiber from farms that are close to me, and that I have built a relationship with, because it is important to me that I know the animals are treated with love and respect.

Each scarf shown here is a one of a kind creation, and priced at 50 cents per meter of yarn (before plying).

I have limited my online shop to only a small selection of scarves, curated by me from my most recent and favorite creations. I rotate what is available here on a regular basis, so be sure to come back to check out my latest work.  You can also view the scarves previously feature on my site, but still available, through my Etsy page.